A handy guide to Italian Citizenship acronyms used between legal teams, document collection specialists, geneaologists and citizenship forums.

Italian Citizenship Acronyms

To help simplify an already complicated process, over the years acronyms have been invented by legal teams, document collection specialists, geneaologists and applicants themeselves to streamline the process and communication between one another.

JS – Jure Sanguinis
JM – Jure Matrimonii
ITA – Italian
ENG – English
AIRE – Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero (Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)
ANPR – Anagrafe Nazionale Popolazione Residente (National Register of Resident Population)
USCIS – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
NARA – National Archives and Records Administration
LDS – The Church of Latter Day Saints
SOS – Secretary of State
BC – Birth Certificate
MC – Marriage Certificate
DC – Death Certificate
NAT – Naturalization Certificate/Record
COA – Certificate of Arrival
LONR – ‘Letter of No Record’ (usually refers to the document needed to produce to prove that there no documentation exists to demonstrate that the Italian Ancestor naturalized)
CONE/CNE – Certificate of No Existence (an official statement regarding the records in possession of the USCIS, which certifies that no record exists or was found based on the details provided to the agency by the requester)
CONA – Certificate of No Appeal (which states that a divorce is irreversible and that the time limit to file an appeal has expired)
LONA – Letter of No Appeal
OATS – One-in-the-same order (a declaratory judgement issued by a judge that attests that a person is the same on different documents, irregardless of their name or date discrepancies. This is often a convenient option when there are many discrepancies in the vital documents, instead of having the documents amended individually)
LOE – Letter of Exemplification
FOIA – Freedom of Information Act
CRBA – Consulate Report of Birth Abroad
POA – Power of Attorney
F – Father
M – Mother
GF – Grandfather
GM – Grandmother
GGF – Great-great Grandfather
GGM – Great-great Grandmother
GGGF – Great-great-great Grandfather
GGGM – Great-great-great Grandmother
LIRA – Last Italian-Registered Ancestor
CF – Codice Fiscale (Italian Fiscal Code)
SSN – Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (National Health Service)
PdS – ‘Permesso di Soggiorno’ (Residency Permit)
PEC – Posta Elettronica Certificata (Electronic, certified email)
SPiD – Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (Public Digital Identity System)