Simple, certified & SWorn


Accurate translations of non-Italian vital documents is a fundamental aspect of the Italian Citizenship process – which is why we only provide the most precise and quality translations to our clients through our relationships with qualified translators to present in their Italian Citizenship requests.
Outside Italy

Simple or certified translations are normally what a Consulate/Embassy will request in an Italian Citizenship application, however, this can depend on that location's specific requirements - which is why consultation with a qualified translator before translating your documents is essential in the Italian Citizenship process.

Within Italy

Translations for use within Italy are required to be sworn - a type of translation that must be done by a professional translator who swears to its authenticity and accuracy before the Italian court. This type of translation has the highest legal value of all the different translations types.

Simple Translations

Simple translations are translations that lack legal value, that is, those which do not come with any certification from the translator (stamp, translator’s statement, etc.).

These types of translations are sometimes (but not always) accepted at the consular level for administrative applications, but never sufficient for applications to be presented in Italy (even if the case is administrative) nor in a judicial appeal.

Certified Translations

Like simple translations, a certified translation has no legal value (i.e. is not sworn) but does include a letter of authenticity by the translator guaranteeing that it is authentic and accurate, which also includes reference to their professional credentials, such as a VAT number, registration codes or other professional membership information.

These types of translations are usually accepted at consulates for administrative applications but are not sufficient for applications presented in Italy or judicial appeals.

Sworn Translations

Sworn translations have the highest legal value of all translation types and are the only acceptable translations for judicial appeals (1948 cases) or when documents are to be used in Italy for in-person applications.

Sometimes referred to as “official translations”, sworn translations have the highest legal value of all because they are brought before the court officer at the Sworn Translations Office at the Courts (ufficio asseverazione traduzioni) and are sworn to their authenticity by the translator. Sworn translations come with an affixed oath statement which is stamped at the court.